How to Buy a Domain Name for your website in Kenya


A domain name is the first thing to acquire before you develop a website. In Kenya, there are many companies where to buy a domain name from, one is Kenya Website Experts.

Before you buy a domain name, there are several important things to consider. If you intend to develop your brand within Kenya, the domain name should end with but if you aspire to grow beyond Kenya, you should acquire .com domain name.

For bloggers who will be posting controversial topics, a .com domain name is important. Let me tell you one thing that you’ll face when you are a controversial blogger. For instance, you choose to be a political blogger and attack the president and presidency. If he will not consider a legal action yet he feels offended, he will definitely take the law into his hands. The most appropriate action he will take is to order the hosting company to delete your domain from their server. Since he is above the law, the hosting company will take his word as law. A similar case happened in 2015 when one blogger found it fit to consistently attack the president and his family, his domain was deleted from the hosting servers. He ended up losing all the content and to start all over again. But if he had a .com domain, it would have been difficult for the state to influence for deletion of the domain.

If your blog won’t be controversial, register a domain name.

There are several places where you can buy a domain name in Kenya but I will single out the most reliable ones.

Kenya Website Experts

Normally, I don’t refer my readers to companies where I don’t have firsthand experience with: I prefer to direct you to where you will feel as comfortable as I am. Kenya Website Experts has 99.9% rating in terms of services; it’s where you can buy a domain and hosting services and enjoy all aspects of the company.

To buy a domain name from Kenya Website Experts, it will cost Ksh 499-Ksh999 but you’ll be spending Ksh 1,600 every year to renew the domain, every domain name must be renewed annually.

Payment is done through MPESA, which is the most convenient way.

Before you buy a domain, search whether it’s available. Visit Kenya Website Expert, there is a search button at the front end of the site, then enter the domain name you wish to buy,e.g

If the domain name is available, go ahead and contact the company for purchasing. If you find the domain name is not available, suggest another domain name, several of them which you will search on the above button until you find one which is available.

Purchase of domain name costs Ksh499 to Ksh 999.Once you buy the domain name, pay for hosting services, it will cost you Ksh2,100 per year.

Another genuine and most reliable company to buy a domain name and hosting service from is is a giant web hosting company that hosts over 2 million websites. Most established bloggers in Kenya are hosting their sites at Bluehost.

Though you don’t pay via MPESA, the if you own a bank account, you are allowed to pay through the CARD…every card in Kenya is VISA enabled. Take your ATM card and pay the amount required by following few steps.

But before you pay, you have to check whether the domain you want to buy is available. Visit Bluehost through this link and search for available domain names

The search button is under Domains

The domain name at Bluehost costs between Ksh 1,100 and Ksh 2,000. If you want to purchase a domain name and hosting services, pay Ksh 1,500 to Ksh 20,000 per year.