Bitsimba Affiliate program


Bitsimba is one of the few web hosting companies in Kenya with affiliate program for Kenyan bloggers. The company is owned and operated in Kenya and mostly attract bloggers from within the country for their affiliate program.

The company’s affiliate commission is either 10% or 20%, which means that if you attract a customer that pays Ksh 2,000, you’ll earn Ksh 200.The commission might go as high as 50% especially if the company receiving reasonable number of subscribers.

Bitsimba affiliate program

There are three main packages clients can subscribe for at Bitsimba: Startup, Standard and Corporate, each comes with a different price. Below are the amounts affiliates earn from each package:

World-class Startup Package         – $3 or 300kes per order

World-class Standard Package       -$10 or 1000kes per order

World-class Corporate Package     -$20 or 2000kes per order

The more money the client pays, the more the affiliate earns.

If your site receives more than 10,000 visitors per month, contact Bitsimba for the affiliate program registration.

How to register for the affiliate program at Bitsimba:

Visit Bitsimba website(

  1. Sign up or login to your account.
  2. Click on Affiliates
  3. Click on “Activate Account”
  4. Copy your link and start earning

As a blogger, making money through AdSense is okay but not as good as when you register for an affiliate program. With affiliate program such as Bitsimba, you don’t need millions of views to make reasonable profit, all you need is relevant organic traffic. Sometimes you might get three visitors and one of them purchases the product through your link, you automatically earn a commission which is more than what you could have earned from AdSense.