Trending keyword in Kenya this week


The first week saw KNBS release the 2019 Census result. Kenyans went online to determine how many people are in Kenya. As a result, “Kenyan population 2019” became the most trending keyword in Kenya this week. There were over 1 million searches online for the keyword.

This week, if you need to create content that attracts organic traffic, here are the keywords to focus on:

  1. Total population in Kenya 2019
  2. Number of people per county in Kenya 2019
  3. Ratio of men to women in Kenya 2019
  4. Kenya Population Census report 2019
  5. Kenya National Bureau of Statistics report 2019
  6. Most Populous counties in Kenya
  7. Number of people in Tharaka Nithi
  8. Biggest counties in Kenya
  9. Number of people in Nairobi
  10. Tribes with the highest number of people
  11. Biggest tribes in Kenya
  12. Smallest tribes in Kenya

Those twelve keywords will attract over 1 million visitors within a year. In addition to these keywords, start figuring out on what to write about KCSE and career because KCSE students will soon start looking for best courses to pursue in Kenya.

Besides the Census result keywords, Kibra election is another keyword that’s trending in Kenya this week. As a blogger, ensure that you write as many stories about Kibra as possible because of organic traffic, those are the trending stories in Kenya this week.