Best Blogs for Blogging tips in Kenya


New bloggers in Kenya are always in need of blogging tips, luckily I have come up with this amazing blog, Webhosting Voice, that will be educating you on array of topics— ranging from web hosting, affiliate marketing, blogging to SEO.For one to become a successful blogger, especially in Kenya where competition is stiff, you have to do thorough research to determine the best way to make money online and how to make your blog an authority.

Though this blog is few months old, it doesn’t mean I am also a newbie in this industry: infact, I am one of the pioneers of the blogging industry in Kenya. I started blogging in the year 2010 few months after completing college. By that time, I was utilizing Facebook but later I launched one of my popular blogs, Venas News. I have gone through a lot, seen myself grow to become an influence, gained a lot from my blogging journey. The aim of this new blog is to guide new bloggers on how to squeeze themselves between the sharks in this industry and emerge the best. Remaining afloat isn’t a mean feat, blogging is like any other business where competition is intense.

Currently, I own a total of 6 blogs with a monthly income in excess of Ksh1 million. As you can see, none of my blogs monetize from AdSense but I can manage to pull in over Ksh1 million every month. The tricks I employ in generating income and ensuring that my sites always rank among the best, are the same tricks I will use to advise my readers.

Welcome to this journey, I hope you will be inspired as you seek to get a comfort zone. We will be posting articles every single day where a number of them will feature topics on SEO, web hosting and blogging. All articles will be original, unique and interesting.