How Long Does a Website Take to Start Ranking High on Google


It takes about 6 months to 1 year for a website to start ranking high based on various factors. Some websites take less than 2 months to start ranking high on Google and other search engines while others take as many as three years.

To rank high on Google, these are the factors that contribute most:

  1. How regular your blog is updated

The more your blog is updated, the higher the chances of becoming authority blog.SEO experts advise that for any site to rank high, it should have fresh content almost on daily basis. Google will be able to index your content as fast as possible and when their crawlers notice that the content is regularly updated, they will rank it higher than those from rarely updated sites.

  • High quality content

High quality content contributes immensely to the rank of a blog. Whenever you write an article, always ensure that you minimize typos as you provide useful content. Google always looks at the bounce rate of your articles, if the rate is high, then your audience are not satisfied. The site people visits immediately they leave your blog may rank higher than yours because it’s considered better.

  • Original content

Google keeps on changing its Algorithm until it has reached a time when they treat plagiarized content as spam. You better write two original paragraphs than copy an entire article from an authority blog. Original content is what makes a website to rank high on search engines.

  • Niche

Some niche like blogging, web hosting, technology, news, politics and health are saturated. To rank high, it will take you even forever.

To rank high, always go for the niche with few websites. Some of the niche to lean towards include agriculture, insurance and banking.

In the Agriculture niche where you will discuss about agriculture products, business and market, it can even take you one month to start ranking high on search engines because it has few bloggers.

  • Backlinks

One problem most new sites face is lack of back links. Sites with more back links are likely to rank higher than those without back links. It’s important for more authority sites to link towards your domain so as to give Google an impression that your content is useful.

  • Useful keywords

You should also make sure that your site has as many useful keywords as possible. There are unique keywords that crawlers will place at position one on search results, if your site has them then it will be easier for it to rank high. Long Tail Keywords are the bets—you can register here and know how to use long tail keywords

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  • Domain name

Lastly, domain name also contributes significantly in determining the rank of your content. If you have a localized domain name, there are chances your site will rank high in your local area.