How to Get 1 million Visits To Your Site Per Month


It’s every blogger’s dream to get 1 million visits every month. In blogging, traffic is everything—they more traffic your site has the more the revenue. A site attracting one million page views every month earns over $2000 dollars from AdSense. For affiliate marketing sites, the income is higher. There are sites like SmartPassiveIncome which attract 1.5 million visitors monthly and yield in excess of $200,000 from several income streams.

As a blogger, your target is to get at least 1 million visits each month to be comfortable with your income. To get there, here are the tricks to employ:

  1. Post fresh content daily/regularly

Attracting more than a million visits require both returning and new visitors. Without fresh content, you will not have many new visitors which means that your page views will stagnate. The more you post, the more the returning and new visitors.

Returning visitors will only come when they know that they will get fresh content. When you stop posting, you’ll see the number of returning visitors shrinking as well as an increase in bounce rate.

It’s advisable that you post on regular basis, if possible more than 3 articles per day.

  • Optimize your site for SEO to rank on Page1 of Search engines

Another important thing to do is to ensure you optimize your site for SEO so that it can rank on page one of search engines. If each of your articles appear on page one of search engines, then you are likely to get more organic traffic. Organic traffic from search engine should be more or equal to the traffic your blog gets from social media.

To optimize your blog, ensure your images are light, your site has few adverts, no pop ups, light theme, keywords and great content. I will explain each of these points below.

To ensure that your articles appear on page one, you must know how to use Long tail keywords. These are keywords which readers search online. Google ranks articles based on the right keywords. You can learn more about long tail keywords here

Your site should also be light and user friendly. Avoid having too many adverts on your site because they discourage readers. In addition, use light and attractive images.

Nowadays, site loading speed determines the ranking of a site on search engines. Fast loading sites rank higher. Some of the web hosting companies like Kinsta, use Google infrastructure to ensure the site hosted on their platform have blazing loading speed.

  • Use social media to drive traffic into your blog

Organic traffic alone is not enough; you have to get traffic from other sources like social media. Assuming your social media page has 1 million followers, when you share an article, at least more than 1,000 people will click on the link to your blog. If you share 3 articles per day, your blog will get more than 6,000 visits from your page alone.

  • Keywords for organic traffic

While Facebook traffic is important, it’s not more important than organic traffic. If you have a blog that does not receive organic traffic, you will have zero chances of reaching 1 million page views per month.

A serious blogger should target at least 5,000 strong keywords for organic traffic. If each keyword delivers 2 views per day, that means in a month you have 300,000 visits from search engines. If your articles are 10,000 and each article gets 2 views, in a month you’ll get 600,000 organic traffic.

You can learn more about how to attract organic traffic, how your keywords rank and how to optimize your blog for SEO through SEMrush. Follow this link to subscribe for free

  • Popular niche

There are niches which are less popular, even if you write as many articles as possible, there are minimal chances that you will get 1 million visits.

Popular niches such as news, politics, gadgets, business, career and jobs would attract in excess of 1 million views per month. If you go for less popular niches like Insurance and Law, chances of getting more than 1 million visits per month are slim.

  • Target 20,000 articles

Any site with over 20,000 well written articles must attract over 1 million visits per month especially if it receives at least one visit per article every day. Generate as many articles as possible and have a target of 20,000 posts.

But please ensure that the posts are unique and original.