Importance of Bandwidth for a Website


Bandwidth usage is important for any blog/website. Every webhosting company records the number of files transferred or downloaded. The more the files, the higher the bandwidth usage. If the images on your blog are heavy, then it means your site will utilize more bandwidth. Again, if the template you are using is heavy, you’ll also use more bandwidth.

The importance of bandwidth is to determine the volumes of files transferred or downloaded from your site. Since bandwidth determines how much a web hosting company charges, it’s important for the site owner to monitor their bandwidth usage.

Almost all webhosting companies have placed a cap for bandwidth usage such that if a website uses more than the limit set, they will be charged extra amount. There are those hosting companies which suspend a website when the bandwidth limit is exceeded. However, instead of suspending, hosting companies like Kinsta charges $1 per 1GB extra bandwidth utilized, they don’t suspend a website.

To reduce the bandwidth usage, a website must use light images, light WordPress Template, clean template, few advertisement banners and few plugins. It’s known that heavy sites consume more bandwidth as compared to extremely light websites.

Most bloggers monitor two important things: Bandwidth and traffic. These are the parameters which will show whether your site is growing or not.