Why your Blog Does Not Get Sponsored Articles

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Have you wondered why some blogs get many sponsored articles while yours does not get even one? Well, there are several reasons why your website does not attract the attention of advertisers for the sponsored content. The fact that such reasons are denying you income should be an eye opener to you.

Why exactly is your blog not getting sponsored articles? Here are the main reasons:

  1. Your blog is not popular

If you have unpopular blog, you don’t expect to get advertisers. Your blog must be popular enough for it to get at least 1 sponsored article per month. Popularity means that in a particular niche, a site must rank better than 95% of the blogs in that niche. When advertisers search for content from your blog, they must get nearly all keywords on page one of search engines.

  • Your blog does not get enough organic traffic

Organic traffic is everything when it comes to sponsored articles. Every advertiser would like their posts to appear on page one where they can be clickable. Even if a blog is getting millions of readers every day, that alone won’t attract advertisers. The only motivating factor is when they are assured of organic traffic.

  • Your blog posts are not competitive enough

Before advertisers decide to pay you for sponsored posts, they have to check whether your articles are competitive enough, if majority of them are on page one of search engines, then you’ll get as many sponsored posts as possible but if only a couple of them appear on page one, it will be hard to convince them to advertise on your blog.

  • You don’t have enough content on your blog

You can’t expect to get sponsored content when you only have 10 posts on your site. Advertisers what to put money where they see value. A serious blog is one that has thousands of articles which are posted on regular basis. When someone advertises on your blog, they will be sure that the article will remain permanent on the blog.

Your blog isn’t appealing to advertisers

First impression is everything. Advertisers want to see a clean and neat design, organized posts with a clear advertisement category where you state and explain how advertisement should/ought to be done via your blog. Some small things we do on our blogs turn away advertisers, like having too many banners which are thrown haphazardly within the template and having poorly structured content.

  • Your content does not meet the standards of advertisers

If your content has numerous typos, not original or doesn’t meet the requirements of advertisers, there is no way you will get adverts for your blog. You need to show advertisers that your blog is serious by posting high quality articles.

  • You are too expensive or too cheap

Before you quote a price, take time to research how much money blogs in that niche charge per article. If others charge $100, yours should also charge in the neighbourhood of this amount. But the sad reality is that there are bloggers who develop an ego, thus charging what is beyond the industry average. I witnessed this at one time. While all of us were charging between $100 and $500 there is one individual who was charging $1200.Advertisers were scared with his price, they ended up ignoring him.

You should also not under-quote. If you quote $10 while others are quoting over $300, advertisers will think you aren’t a serious blogger.