Kista Monthly Visitors for Each Plan


Kinsta billing is based on monthly visitors allocated for each plan. The minimum monthly visits are 20,000 but there is no maximum limit.

There are a total of 10 Kinsta plans where each is allocated specific number of monthly visitors. For payment of $30 per month, your site is allocated 20,000 visits. But the good thing is that even if it exceeds the limit, Kinsta will scale up the resources to sustain the site’s demands.

Below is a summary of monthly visits allocated to each plan at Kinsta:

Starter 20,000 30
Pro 40,000 60
Business 1 100,000 100
Business 2 250,000 200
Business 3 400,000 300
Business 4 600,000 400
Enterprise 1 1,000,000 600
Enterprise 2 1,500,000 900
Enterprise 3 2,000,000 1,200
Enterprise 4 3000,000 1,500

There is also hosting plans for agencies and companies receiving more than 3 million visits per month. When you join this plan, the amount paid depends on the number of visits that particular period.

For the basic plans, if a site consumes more than the limit, each extra 1,000 visits will cost $1. The bill is added to the monthly amount you pay for hosting at Kinsta.

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