How many blog posts Should I Post per week To get Good Ranking


To get good ranking on Google or from any other search engine, the number of blog posts you should post every week depends on the niche but generally, popular bloggers post at least 3 articles in a week.

There are many factors that determine the number of articles a blogger should post for a week.

  1. Length of the articles
  2. Age of the blog
  3. Niche
  4. Amount of time dedicated to the blog
  5. Number of blogs in a niche
  6. Keywords

Age of the blog

The frequency of posting when a blog is new is high but as the number of articles accumulate past 1,000, the owner becomes a bit reluctant, this is a common trend among bloggers. Blogs aged above 1 year are not as frequently updated as new blogs unless they belong to a niche that needs fresh content every day.

For instance, Shoutmeloud is 10 years old, this blog is extremely popular but the owner posts 2 to 5 articles every week. However, when the blog was less than one-year-old, he had to post on daily basis, sometimes up to 5 articles for it to start ranking.

Length of articles

Articles with more than 2,000 words take more time to write than those with less than 500 words. It’s almost impossible to write more than 3 articles of that length per day.A blog that focuses on long articles do not post more than 5 articles per week. But if articles are short, i.e, below 500 words, a blog can post even 10 of those articles in a day.

When articles are long, they rank faster than short articles. If you concentrate on articles of 2,000 words each, you only need 3 articles per week. But the articles must cover critical areas surrounding the topic. Search engines rank long articles better than the short ones.


A blog’s niche also plays a big role in regards to the number of articles. Niches with few bloggers rank faster than those with many blogs. If your blog is in the news niche, it’s hard to rank better than authority blogs in that niche, you have to post as many articles as possible. For those in less competitive niche like Agriculture or Environment ranking is faster, hence no need to post many articles.


Without the use of correct keywords, it’s hard for your articles to rank no matter how many of them you post per week. As a blogger, it’s important you master how to use Long Tail Keywords. You can use SEMrush SEO tool to check the ranking of your keywords and competitor keywords.

When you have little or no knowledge of the use of keywords, it’s hard for your blog post to rank, which will force you to write many articles per week so that some of them can rank.

Number of blogs in a niche

Another factor you should put into consideration is the number of blogs in a particular niche. If you have a new blog in a competitive niche like entertainment, webhosting, blogging, gadgets, news and career, you have to write more than 21 articles in a week for the posts to start ranking. But as the blog becomes older, the number of articles posted will reduce.

  1. Amount of time spent on blogging

The more time you take on the blog, the higher the number of blog posts, hence high ranking. For the first 3 months, you may need at least 21 articles per week but afterwards,3-7 articles are enough.

The main points you should pick from this article are:

  • Focus on keywords
  • Age of the blog
  • Competition
  • Length of the blog posts

If you take into consideration those four points, your blog will rank even with 2 articles per week.