Bluehost Gains over 10,000 New Customers During Black Friday


Statistics show that Bluehost gained over 10,000 new customers during the Black Friday promotion which concluded last week. Statistics show that there was a spike in terms of new sign ups which was as a result of the 60% reduction in prices of all plans.

Shared Hosting plans received the highest number of registrations, followed by WordPress Hosting Plans. The lowest sign ups were witnessed in Dedicated Servers which were less than 2,000.

Most of the clients were referred by affiliates who promoted Bluehost on their blogs.

The next Black Friday promotion will be in 2020 and we expect the number of sign ups to grow by 20%-50%.

The lowest price during the Black Friday promotion was $2.65,down from $3.95,this is one that new bloggers rushed to buy.The price has since returned to normal.

If you didn’t have money or enough time to migrate your website to Bluehost,you still have time.You can check new offers at Bluhost here