Number of Registered Blogs in Kenya


The number of registered blogs in Kenya as of 2019 is 40,345 but only 2,000 blogs are active. Kenic is the institution that keeps records of domain registration and details of hosting companies in Kenya. It’s estimated that over 7,000 blogs are registered and hosted outside Kenya particularly by hosting companies like Bluehost.Most Kenyans prefer to register and host domains in Kenya because it’s cheap, but one interesting thing is that experienced bloggers host their sites away from Ken and they prefer .com blogs.

Some of the top companies registering blogs in Kenya are:

  1. Webhosting Kenya
  2. Kenya Website Experts
  3. Truehost
  4. Safaricom
  5. Skyhost
  6. Movetech
  7. Bitsimba
  8. Movehost
  9. Host Pinnacle
  10. Hostmasters

For those hosting away from Kenya, they prefer Godaddy, Hostgator and Bluehost.But since Bluehost has over 2.5 million domains registered with them, experienced bloggers prefer it over others.

About 10 years ago, there were less than 3,000 blogs in Kenya but with the penetration of the internet to remote areas of Kenya and the introduction of smartphones, the idea of blogging became famous, hence the registration of thousands of new blogs.

The most popular niches for bloggers are:

  1. News
  2. Entertainment
  3. Career
  4. Business
  5. Politics
  6. Gadgets and technology
  7. Sports

We project that over 3,000 new blogs will be registered in Kenya in the year 2020.