Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging


Blogging has numerous advantages but there are also several advantages which aspiring and new bloggers should learn. There is nothing you can do on this earth that lacks disadvantages. God created everything with positives and negatives, Blogging is not exceptional.

I have been a blogger since 2010 and throughout this period, I have learned hundreds of lessons. Everything I am going to say on this article is through my personal experience. Before you decide to become a blogger, here are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming one.


You are your own boss

One thing I like most is the fact that I am my own boss. There is nobody on my back to push me, I set my own targets and manage my own time. For people who are full time employee, they won’t know how sweet it is when you are your own boss. The best part is when I sleep knowing that the following day I will wake up at 10 am and nobody will question me.

Passive income

In blogging you earn money even when you are asleep. You can go to sleep with zero $ and when you wake up, you are $300 richer.

As long as your website attracts readers, money will come.

Blogging is not like employment where you only earn when you report to work. It’s one job that you can earn without doing anything as long as you have archive posts that attract traffic.

Income is directly proportional to your efforts

There are some jobs you can do and earn what you don’t deserve but when it comes to blogging, your efforts translate to the amount of money you earn. This is a motivating thing for bloggers.

Every day you wake up, there is that believe that if I write more and put more efforts, finally I will be there.

The most discouraging thing when you work for someone is that your efforts may not necessarily translate to your salary. Realistically, those who earn more do the least.

Small Capital required

Unlike other businesses where you need hundreds of dollars to set up, blogging might even cost less than $1. Some bloggers even start blogging without spending any money.

Most bloggers who were interviewed in a survey stated that they spent between $10 and $100 to launch their blogs. Interestingly, operating costs are also low. For an ideal blog, the only costs it will incur is the hosting cost which is less than $500 per year.

Unlimited income

The income is not fixed, which is a plus for any blogger. This profession does not care which country you come from, there is nothing to cap your income. All you need is to work hard and money will start trickling in.


You can be imprisoned

One thing I always advise bloggers especially those in political, entertainment and news niches is to ensure that they understand the law well. Several bloggers have been imprisoned because of being ignorant of the law.

The sad part is that you can write an innocent article only for the state or individuals to launch a case against you.

Some of the most dangerous niches include:

  • Politics
  • Entertainment
  • Crime Justice
  • News
  • Guns and war

You can be killed

As a blogger, you should avoid overexposing yourself. You may be a target of your rivals or people you have exposed before. Even the government can kill you. Several political bloggers have been killed before, others have gone into exile.

It turns you into an introvert

Blogging will not allow you to have good time with friends and family members as you wish. Nearly all bloggers have become introverts because the undertaking is demanding.

Some of us are used to this life, we only rest during weekends but on weekday the work is done from 5 a.m until 6 p.m nonstop.

The reason you will become an introvert is that it takes a lot of time to create content. You also need to spend more time online while searching for content.

Your website can be hacked and you lose everything

If your website does not have enough security features, it can be hacked and you lose the content. Though you control what you post, you don’t have control of security unless you buy features like SSL certificate or Sitelock which are provided by Bluehost.Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies to host your website if you want it to be 100% secure.

The sad part comes when you post more than 10,000 articles, earning at least $5000 per month only for the site to be hacked by a ruthless opportunist. To avoid such scenarios, you should join a hosting company that will guarantee the security of your website. You can see Bluehost plans here

You are not 100% guaranteed of your next day income

When you are employed by someone, you are sure he will pay you that month but for a blogger, you aren’t guaranteed of the income you will earn the next day. You may earn $100 today and the next day you earn $10.In short, there is alot of uncertainties.

It takes a lot of time and dedications to start earning decent income

Only a small percentage of bloggers earn decent income. To reach a point where you say, “now I am comfortable with what I make”, you have to toil for years. More than half of people who create blogs end up giving up after one year because they realize that making money off blogging requires not only hard work but patience. It can take even more than 5 years of hard working for you to start realizing handsome returns.

All in all, blogging is a profitable venture. If you have passion, I will urge you to develop a blog and grow it with time. You can start it as a side hustle before you finally quit your job to concentrate with blogging full time. Successful bloggers earn even up to $300,000 per month, amount that’s not even taxed.