Web Hosting and Blogging News in Kenya: Why Many Bloggers Have Switched from politics and News stories to keyword tailored content


Blogging trends have significantly changed in Kenya and soon or later, only a couple of blogs would post content on news and politics. About three years ago political stories use to trend but it seems the tides have changed. Some blogs which outclassed others in political stories as well as news articles have caved in due to low interest on those topics, some have even gone ahead to shift completely to articles aimed at attracting long term organic traffic.

The most frustrating thing is that stories touching on latest news and politics are not fashionable anymore because people are able to get them on social media. If a blogger posts such a story on their site, chances of getting over 100 readers are slim. There was a time, precisely between 2010 and 2017, when a single article touching on politics could pull in upwards of 500,000 readers, but it seems people got tired with politics and started searching for information that would help them especially in education and business.

Some bloggers realized the shift in online searching trends and changed their content to suit readers, some of them include, Tuko, Kenyans and Citizen TV. Nowadays most of the content on those sites is dominated with long tail keywords.

Going forward, there will be intense competition regarding keywords and within a short period, the market will be saturated. Seeing giant media houses like Citizen TV scramble for keywords is a sign that blogging is becoming tricky and highly complicated, there is also a lot of uncertainty.

If you have a blog that’s dominated with political stories, it’s time you shift your content to focus on what Kenyans are searching online. Some of the trending topics are in sports, business, education and finance niches.