Best Niche for Female Bloggers


Blogging comes with passion, there are things women love that are not a priority for men. The best niches for female bloggers are those that resonate well with what excite them most. For instance, if you tell a lady to post passionately about engineering, most of them would quit blogging, but if it’s about fashion, they will do it with passion.

If you are female aspiring blogger, here is a list of best niche to focus on:


Fashion is definitely a topic that excites every lady. Statistics show that 80% of the blogs in this niche are owned by women. Interestingly, even those owned by men are trailing the female owned blogs.

The good thing is that fashion niche is one of the most profitable niches for bloggers.

As a lady, if you don’t want to get easily bored, blog on fashion trends and news.


Another niche that’s suitable for female bloggers is entertainment. Some of the notable bloggers in this niche are making in Linda Ikenji, the Nigerian blogger who earns over $400,000 per month.

But since there’s huge competition in this industry, it’s good that you target over 100,000 visits per month.


You can also try dating which is also a profitable niche. Since most women’s talk is centered around dating and relationships, it’s better for women to own blogs that discuss those topics.

You can come up with a dating site where you connect women and men or post content regarding relationships, celebrities and gossip.


Personal Finance is the best niche for women because these are the only people who know how to budget for money. Men can be good on how to look for money but are poor in budgeting.

After launching a blog that talks about personal finance, you will be able to draw attention from people who need help in regard to managing their finances. If you are good at what you do, you’ll definitely make it.


Kitchen is for women, they are the ones who know more about cooking and recipe. Almost all blogs that deal with cooking and recipe are owned by women. This is a topic every female will be passionate about.

If you are really good in cooking, you can blog through YouTube or start a blog that provides information about recipe. Income will come from selling eBook, AdSense and consultancy.


More than 60% of the searches that are done online about health are from women. Women have more health problems than men and the only people who would fit into this niche are women. Health niche is profitable especially when you monetize with AdSense.

For those who are passionate about health matters, particularly the ones with qualification in health, nursing, pharmacy and other health related courses, this is a niche for you.


Women love travelling more than men. I don’t think there is any lady who will be bored to take pictures and post on her blog. This is an interesting niche for female bloggers who are travel enthusiasts.

 Travel & Tourism is not a complicated topic, it’s easier than health and other niches.