Political Niche Blogs in Kenya Reduce Significantly in 2019


Political niche blogs have reduced drastically in Kenya ever since opposition leader Raila Odinga joined President Uhuru Kenyatta after the handshake. From 2017 until today, only a couple of blogs focusing on politics have been created. However, over the same period several blogs related to entertainment, gossip and business have been created.

There has been a shift in consumption of information in the country as readership numbers in the political niche drop as those in entertainment and gossip rise.As opposed few years back when political stories were hot cake, nowadays Kenyans are not interested in such stories. What most of them are searching online is how they can improve their livelihood through business or education.

If you check trending keywords every day, you’ll notice that people are searching for resourceful information like career and business. They are also searching for loans and betting tips.

Going forward, any blogger intending to register a new blog should avoid niches like politics because they are not selling anymore.