How to Become Rich Quickly as a Blogger


It’s only about 10% of bloggers are rich yet over 100,000 people are actively blogging. To become rich quickly as a blogger is not a mean feat, you have to apply strategies rich bloggers use.

It usually takes 3 to 10 years for a blogger to break even. Before then, the income averages $100 to $1,000. For the first year, the blog is still new and trying to compete with other average blogs but after one year, the growth curve for serious bloggers show exponential growth trend. It’s after one year that the income shoots up to a point a blogger can afford a modest life.

Who is a rich blogger?

 A rich blogger is one whose net income is above $10,000 per month. At this level, one is able to pay all his bills, travel widely and make enough savings. Less than 3,000 bloggers earn more than $10,000 per month.

How can you earn the $10,000 and become rich quickly?

There are few simple techniques every successful blogger use. I also use the same techniques and so far they have been helpful.

Develop unique content and always reinvent yourself

It’s a norm that one blogger copies another one, the other one also copies another one. The cycle continues until you find that the content from one blogger to the other is almost the same. But for one to stand out and attract millions of readers, they must develop unique content which readers will never find elsewhere. If you realize that people have started copying you, change your strategy.

By having unique content, your blog will attract more new readers and maintain the returning visitors.

Post on your blog regularly

If you fail to post regularly, you can’t get enough readers, thus translating to low income. Serious bloggers post up to 10 articles per day. The articles must be a combination of long and short.

If you post one a month, there is no way you can get rich—what you put in is what you get out. The more efforts you put, the more income you generate.

I am one of the bloggers who earn over $10,000 per month and my secret has been to post at least once a day. In one of my blogs, I post 10 articles every single day.

Diversify your sources of income

One mistake which most bloggers make is that they rely on a single source of income. Without diversification, you will find it hard to earn even $2,000. With the diversification strategy, even 100,000 monthly visitors will yield more than $10,000

These should be the sources of income for your blog:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling your professional skills
  • Direct banner adverts
  • Sponsored content
  • Products reviews
  • AdSense
  • Contextual ad networks

If you implement all those strategies, your income will shoot within a short time.

Use various modes to draw traffic to your website

Without enough traffic, you won’t make it as a blogger. Since your aim is to make money online as quickly as possible, ensure that you share your articles on social media, get back links, post on discussion forums and aim for organic traffic.

For organic traffic, you should identify long tail keywords that are profitable and popular. SEMrush will help you to identify the keywords, follow this link to register for free

Operate more than one blog

One secret successful bloggers will not reveal to you is that they own more than one blog. Having 2 or 3 blogs which are popular will earn more as opposed to one popular blog.

Assuming you operate 3 blogs and each draws 500,000 visitors. The average income from each will be $3,000. If you combine the income from both, each month your total income will be $10,000

Not every day will be good for every blog, some days are good, others are bad. When you own more than one blog, it will be easier to average daily income because the income from one blog will supplement the other one.

Target high paying keywords

Traffic along may not help you if the keywords on your blogs are not expensive. Before you register your blog, make sure your target is the high paying niche. Some of the niches with high paying keywords are: health, web hosting, mortgages, loans and education. To know the cost of your keywords, you can use SEMrush SEO tool (sign up here)

If you implement these strategies, your growth curve will be progressive and within not time, you will become rich. Above all, one should be passionate about blogging for them to withstand challenges experienced in blogging.