Best Website to Start in Kenya in 2020


If you are about to start a website in Kenya in 2020, there are specific niches that are hot cake and those that are not good for bloggers. Trends are changing online and what used to be good is not fashionable anymore.

Bloggers are making millions of money per month, about 10 of them in Kenya earn upwards of Ksh1 million. It’s estimated also that more than 1,000 new bloggers will enter the industry in 2020, but the sad thing is that more than half of this number will pull out. For those who will continue creating content, they have to be on the right side of the industry. If you want to become one of them, here are the blogs to launch:

  1. Educations blogs

Though education blogs are almost saturated, still there is space for new blogs, especially for bloggers who intend to focus on news and information about colleges, universities and high schools. There is no single blog that focuses on this topic, those which are there only write about courses.

You will earn from Sponsored content, AdSense, direct banners and other contextual ad networks.

Education blog will attract enough traffic to turn your side hustle into main hustle.

  • Sports blog

Another industry that is neglected is the Sports sector. While there are many blogs that focus on sports and betting, there is no single blog that write about local sports. If you develop one, you will attract massive adverts from local betting firms.

Your only aim is to write about local sports…just ignore international news.

  • Banking Insurance and Real Estate

Apart from Business Daily Africa, there is no other serious website that update us on matters of finance, all we have are sites that copy content from established media houses. The real estate industry and banking sector need to advertise content online but there are few sites which can do so. Alot of space is available for any blogger who would come up with a website that combines three niches, banking, insurance and real estate.

There is also not a single website that talks about Nairobi Securities Exchange, forex trading, money market and other investment segments, there is a huge vacuum here.

  • Dating and Lifestyle Website

There is also no single website that connects people who want to date. A serious dating site is needed in the country where those in need of partners to marry can meet and interact. If you come up with such website, I can assure you there will be plenty of money and business.

  • Health website

Is there any website that talks about health issues in Kenya? Definitely no. Come up with a website about health and wellness, it should also talk about lifestyle. Such website will be loved by many.

Your website should talk about health news, hospitals, list of gym facilities, hospitals, recipe etc. In short, anything to do with health should be found in such a website.

If you develop an excellent site, you will get numerous adverts especially from hospitals, gym and drug companies.

  • County website

You should also develop a County website, a website that talks about what happens in counties. This website should also be regularly updated such that when someone visits it, they get all the latest information about counties.

Don’t waste your time creating websites that talk about politics, latest general news and entertainment. Nowadays people are not enthusiastic about such topics.

  • Travel website

The last niche you should look at is the travel niche which is ignored my may. The design should not mimic Trip Advisor or, it should be unique and specifically designed for local content.Create a website that will cover local travel topics as well as listing local hotels,restaurants,pubs,beach resorts,entertainment joints etc.This is where you will make millions of money from advertisements.

To start any blog,you have to register a domain name and pay for hosting services.I suggest that you buy a .com domain name from Bluehost which costs less than Ksh1,200.To register the domain,follow this link

Create an account and search for the domain name, then pay for hosting. We can create a website for you.

As a blogger, expect to earn from Ksh10,000 to Ksh 3 million per month depending on the efforts you put into blogging. There is money online but the efforts needed is not for the faint hearted.