Best Days to Post a Blog Post


Monday to Friday are the best days to post a blog post. The 5 days are ideal because most people are active online. Sunday is the worst day to post a blog post because most people are in church, others don’t go only completely.

The time to post a blog post also depends on a niche one is posting on. For instance, if you are Sports niche, the best days to post are Friday to Monday, even Sunday is good because there are many events related to the niche.

Here is a list of niches and the best days to post for each niche

Entertainment Monday to Saturday
Business Monday to Friday
Sports Thursday to Sunday
News Monday to Sunday
Health At least ones a week
Web Hosting Monday to Friday
Tourism& Travel Monday to Sunday
Finance/Banking/Insurance At least ones a week
Jobs Monday to Friday
Recipe Thursday to Monday
Lifestyle Monday to Saturday

Breaking News/News niche is one that will force a blogger to post daily while Finance, banking, web hosting information require fresh content at least ones a week.

On Saturday and Sunday majority of people don’t use office internet, meaning that traffic numbers are low during these two days. If you have information you want to go viral, these are not the best days to post, Monday to Friday are the best days.

You should also note that morning hours are the best times to post your articles. It’s at this time that most people are fresh and ready to read new information. If you make a mistake to post in the evening hours, the number of audience will be drastically low.

When I am posting my articles, I target morning readers because these are the people likely to take more time on the content. But if I am posting an article targeting future readers, I don’t mind which time I should post it. There are articles specifically for future readers, such as, “health benefits of mangoes”. But when it comes to news articles, you should ensure that they are posted as soon as the news break out.

There is also the part of indexing. Google takes more than a day to index some content especially from new sites. It’s therefore wise to post at night so that by the time people wake up, your article is already indexed.

In conclusion, posting anytime of the week is good but the articles should be online at a time when most of the readers are online. Never post when people are asleep if your target is to capture as many readers as possible.