Long Tail Pro 2020 Promotion


Long Tail Pro is offering a promotion to bloggers for the year 2020.The promotion begins on 2 January and ends 10th February.

According to the company, all products will cost 50% of the basic price if one makes an annual purchase while those buying the monthly package will pay 30% less.

This offer is applicable for all recurring payments on the plans:

Annual Starter: $148.5 (Regular Price $297)

Annual Pro: $268.5 (Regular Price $537)

Monthly Starter: $25.90 (Regular Price $37)

Monthly Pro: $46.90 (Regular Price $67)

All plans come with a 10-day money back guarantee

New Year’s Offer Summary:

Start Date: Friday, January 3rd , 2020 at 7am ET

End Date: Tuesday, January 10th at midnight ET

Discount: 50% off all annual plans; 30% off all monthly plans

To register for Long Tail Pro plans,follow this link