Why Web Hosting is among the Most Profitable Businesses in Kenya


Web hosting is among the most profitable businesses in Kenya. There are currently less than 50 web hosting companies in the country, even so, the number of bloggers and website owners is overwhelming.

Led by Safaricom, Kenya Website Experts and Truehost, these companies host over 30,000 websites. But one disadvantage is that none of them is capable of matching their counterparts from UK and USA.The services offered by local web hosting companies are wanting especially when it comes to hosting viral websites.

There is need for a single hosting company that can match the likes of Bluehost.With a total number of 30,000, the space for new hosting company is very available. One thing the already established companies have failed to provide are resources for viral websites. Most of them are concerned about profits more than reliable services. If a hosting company that can satisfy clients like Venas News, Tuko, Mpasho and Ghafla can be established, that company will get more than 10,000 clients.

Web hosting business is profitable and anyone planning to start a business in Kenya should consider doing so.

How to start the business

There are two ways of starting this business. The first one is to buy space from established companies like Bluehost, then advertise your services and get clients. You need a budget of Ksh 30,000 to Ksh100,000. This is the simplest way to start web hosting business in Kenya because you don’t require licenses. If you are ready to start, follow this link to sign up for an account with Bluehost, buy a domain and hosting plan.

The second method is to follow the right channel of registering web hosting business. Get cleared by Kenic after getting at least 15 clients. You must have a physical office, a website, staff and physical address. The entire process of setting up web hosting business require more than Ksh50,000.

Amount of money you will generate in profits

Each client will pay Ksh 500 to Ksh 10,000 per year. Assuming that on average, one client pays Ksh 2,000 and you have 1,000 clients, it means that you will earn Ksh2 million per year.

Apart from offering web hosting aervices, you can also do web design, malware and virus removal and selling domain names. The total amount you will earn every month will be in excess of Ksh300,000.

Web hosting business is not crowded. If you provide excellent services, you will definitely get thousands of clients.