Webhosting Voice Blogger Income Report, December 2019: How I Earned $10,300


December 2019 was another good month for us, we managed to earn a total of $10,300. Our income is steadily rising ever since we decided to remove AdSense from all our sites.

The page view numbers rose from 1.2 million to 1.5 million per month. For the new members in this blog,we’d like to inform you that Webhosting Voice is one of the 4 blogs owned by Venas News and the income report we provide is a combination of earnings from the four blogs. Webhosting Voice is the newest blog which is equally growing exponentially.

The main sources of our income were from affiliate marketing, sponsored articles, direct advertisement and AdSense alternatives like MGID.We earned a cool $2,000 from sponsored articles, $7,000 from affiliate marketing and the remaining amount from direct advertisements and products review.

Our main expenses came from hosting, we spent a total of $400 to host the four websites. One of the hosting companies we use here is Kinsta.We prefer Kinsta over other hosting companies because it’s able to accommodate even websites with 100 million visitors per month.Kinsta is simply the best.For those troubled by other hosting companies, you can try Kinsta,visit their website here and see their plans

We also host some of our websites at Bluehost.Bluehost is the second best web hosting company we have used so far.Ever since 2013 when we started hosting our websites at Bluehost,it’s only a couple of times we had issues with them.The good thing is that Bluehost is cheaper than Kisnta.Check their plans here

For viral websites, Kinsta is the best but for small and medium blogs, Bluehost is the best.

Our income projections for the month of January 2020 is $10,500.