Earn $100 Bonus from SEMrush after Making a Third Sale


SEMRush is giving affiliates $100 for anyone who makes three sales this month.The amount will be given to affiliates as long as they successfully make a third sale.

Here is the information about the offer:

“This January, you can get $100** premium on every 3rd sale*!

Ready to jump in? To confirm your participation please send an email to berush-team@semrush.com with a Subject line “January Affiliate Tip” and a confirmation in the body of the letter (e.g. “I confirm I participate in the January affiliate incentive”). Confirmations are accepted until January 15th.

* only applies to standard subscriptions purchased directly on the SEMrush website, doesn’t apply to any discounted and/or custom offers

** the $100 premium applies to every 3rd sale among the first sales made in January, should the client be rebilled after the first month, the affiliate will get a standard commission (up to 40%) for this rebill and for any further rebills as per our Terms of Use”

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