Worst Blogging Niches 2020


There are a couple of worst blogging niches you should not focus on when you are a blogger. The niches are either not profitable enough or will bring a lot of trouble which might lead to imprisonment.

Before you start a blog, make sure to do thorough research to determine which niche to avoid and those ones to venture into. Generally, the best niches are those with the best income as well as competitive enough to ensure that you grow with time.

If you are planning to become a blogger, these are the niches to avoid;

  1. Gossip

There was a time gossip was a top niche among bloggers, not anymore. Nowadays there is censorship and gossip is among the topics which are censored. Unless news is confirmed by reliable sources, search engines and social media pages will treat your information as fake news. There is also the danger of losing your AdSense account if you start a gossip blog.

I see in future; search engines will ban gossip sites completely.

  • News

A few years ago, any news site would top the Google pages, this changed over time as Google started favoring news sites as opposed to little known news sites. Unless you are a media house, launching a news site is not recommended in this era.

The worst part of owning a news blog is that CPC for your content will be low. In that regard, focusing on more marketable niches like gadgets and lifestyle will be the best deal.

  • Entertainment

I know of a certain entertainment site which existed before Facebook became famous. Everyone would rush to read news on that site, but when Facebook was introduced in every country, the site became less popular. In the modern world, people get all the entertainment news from Facebook, they don’t bother to get information from blogs. It’s also sad that modern bloggers don’t do enough research, all they do is to pick information from Facebook, repackage it and post on their blogs.

  • Investigations/crime

If you are planning to expose crime, corruption and murder, make sure you are ready for trouble. This niche requires someone who is not faint hearted. There are many bloggers who have lost their lives or are rotting in jail because they were exposing prominent personalities in their blogs.

With a blog in this niche, you will run into trouble with even search engines because your content is not verified. Even social media might block your blog.

How to register a domain name and start blogging;

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