Full List of Bloggers Income January 2020


Every new month we will be compiling bloggers income to show you that people earn decent revenue from blogging. The income is from around the world. We would list domain name, name of the blogger and the amount of money earned within a month.

There are bloggers who earn as high as $200,000 per month, others as little as $10, the income depends on one’s monetization strategy and amount of traffic their blogs attract.

Here is a summary of the amount of money bloggers earned in the month of January 2020:

Midwest Foodies $3,305.23 224,590 FOOD
Lifestyle with Leah $389.66 58,000 LIFESTYLE
A Fresh Start on a Budget $577 15,585 MAKE MONEY ONLINE
The fit Delish $570 5,000 MAKE MONEY ONLINE
Blog Blossom $289.75 12,000 MAKE MONEY ONLINE
Thyme and Joy $2008.63 150,000 MAKE MONEY ONLINE
Ryan Robinson $13,025.51 428,451 MAKE MONEY ONLINE
Another Mommy Blogger $2261.60 153,801 MAKE MONEY ONLINE
Shout Me Loud $30,000+ 1.5 million MAKE MONEY ONLINE
Smart Passive Income $200,000+ 2 million MAKE MONEY ONLINE

Majority of the bloggers mentioned above make money through AdSense, Mediavine, sponsored posts and direct advertisements. Those who have broken the $10,000 mark earn mostly from affiliate marketing. One of the most popular affiliate marketing products is Bluehost.The company pays over $1.5 million annually to bloggers for affiliate campaigns. You can also join Bluehost affiliate program here and start making money

Blogging is boring during your first days but over time, the experience becomes amazing. The more income and page views a blogger earns the more interesting the occupation becomes. Most bloggers earning above $10,000 are pursuing blogging as a full time venture. I know of several individuals, including Smart Passive Income owner Pat Flynn who quit their full time jobs to fully venture into blogging, they are now happily earning seven figure income.

It takes less than one week to buy a domain and launch a blog, but one needs more than one year to grow it to become popular. Hovever, if you optimize your site for SEO, it will grow massively to become a dominant force in the blogosphere.