How to Get Traffic for a New Blog


There are several ways to get traffic for a new website. Most bloggers find it difficult to gain traffic when their blogs are new, this happens to even the most experienced bloggers. It takes an average of 1 year for any new blog to start being noticed, before then one has to work extra hard to draw traffic from genuine sources.

I have started 7 websites before and the experience I have is enough to note one or two things for those planning to launch or have just launched their sites. One challenge I have faced before, which every blogger faces, is that for the first 3 months, there is barely nobody visiting your site unless you share your content on social media, thereafter you start noticing low numbers of organic traffic. The challenge is how to increase the amount of traffic to reasonable levels. If you are aiming to attract millions of readers every month, here are credible sources you could get traffic from.

  1. Organic traffic

Organic traffic comes from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. This is the kind of traffic from keyword searches. For example, someone might be searching for ‘best hotels in New York’ and by good chance they land on your article.

But organic traffic does not come as easily as you may believe, you have to work extra hard to write relevant keywords and rank on page one of search engines. Since Google is the best search engine in the world, that’s where your website should top in search rankings.

New blogs find it difficult to rank better than the old ones for same keywords because their domain authority is low. The best way to compete with old blogs is by mastering on how to write the right keywords, also understand which keywords attract the best organic traffic. I would recommend two SEO tools that you will use to find the right keywords that will boost traffic for your new website: SEMrush and LongTail Pro.SEMRush is known for revealing the best keywords for your competitors and the cost of such keywords. LongTail pro is another tool which is best known for showing you how to write the keywords, the right structure. Both SEO are essential for attracting organic traffic.

SEMRush has 7 days trial versions, follow this link to sign up

LongTail Pro also offers 7 days trial version, follow this link to sign up

  • Social media traffic

Social media include Facebook, Twitter, Linkeln and WhatsaApp.Facebook traffic is the best for new blogs because it has better conversion rate. WhatsApp is also good but not as good as Twitter and Facebook.

Create Facebook and Twitter pages and start sharing articles on those pages, they will help your site to rank better.

If you have a Facebook page of 100,000 followers, each article you share must generate 100 readers, which is not bad for a new blog.

  • Sponsored articles

Another way to get traffic is through sponsored articles. Make sure you identify authority sites on your niche, pay them to post articles for your blog. The back links will help your blog to gain massive amount of traffic.

The best number of sponsored articles you should have is 20. The budget for every sponsored article should be $100.After posting 20 articles, you will notice within few days that the amount of traffic has improved.

  • Comment on forums and blogs

Another way to gain traffic is by commenting on forums and other blogs using your website link. If your comment is approved and it contains links to your blog, people will click on the links and land on your website. The good thing is that such forums don’t delete comments once approved.

  • Email subscriptions

You can use email subscription to get traffic. One of the most popular plugins being used nowadays is Social Signal. This one allows you to have up to 30,000 members. Once you post an article, the members will be able to read it.

Another email subscription tool you must have is GetResponse. This comes with a trial version which you will use to determine whether the tool is appropriate. But I know you will love it. Click here to sign up

Email subscription will increase traffic by a significant margin, hence helping your blog to rank better.

  • Banner advertisements

If you have a good budget for banner advertisement, do so when the blog is still new. Assuming that you place a banner in 10 websites and you pay each website $100 per month, the traffic you will gain for three months is enough to make your blog popular.

  • Word of mouth

Talk to your friends and family members about your blog, ask them to share on social media. That alone will help you a great deal. Your family members will tell their friends who will in turn tell other friends. This is like a referral program.

  • Referral program

The last part is referral program where you pay readers for referring their friends and people they know. Some people get motivated when incentives are involved.

Almost every serious blog has a referral program where people sign up and promote the blog.

As you run the referral program, make sure that you pay promptly and honestly. In business, you have to gain trust from others for you to grow.

Even as you try hard to gain traffic for your new blog, patience is important: you can’t register a domain name today, create a website tomorrow and start receiving views the same day. You need about 3 months to one year for your site to start getting recognized.