.Com prices to Increase


The prices of .Com names could increase for the first time in 8 years.ICANN,the group that grants permission for .Com domain price reviews is expected to grant permission for the increase of .Com domain prices.

The price of .Com domains has been constantly selling at $7.85 but webhosting companies sell then upwards of $10 with Bluehost selling at $11.10.However,registrars were paying $7.85 per .Com domain name.

Under the new proposal,.Com prices will jump from $7.85 to $13.50 which is a 7% increase. This means that companies like Bluehost,Namecheap,GoDaddy and Hostgator will retail them for more than $20. The agreement allows Verisign, which has a contract to oversee .com domains, to raise the price by up to 7 percent per year over most of the next decade. Verisign would be required to pause price increases during two years (2024 and 2025), but it would otherwise have authorization to steadily raise prices through 2029.

.Com domain names are the most popular among bloggers because they attract readers from any part of the world.If you are a blogger,it’s good to buy a .Com domain name before the new prices take effect. You can check the prices at Bluehost here