List of Kenyan blogs That Will Lose Their AdSense Accounts over Fake News


Fake News is a serious thing nowadays; a blog can lose AdSense account over the same. In addition to that, adult content is also not tolerated. There are two blogs that might lose their AdSense accounts in 2020 or early 2021.In the year 2019, several Kenyan blogs lost their AdSense accounts, one of those was Hivisasa.After its account was disabled, Hisivasa was forced to close down and sack over 17 employees. Another website is Mpasho, which is owned by Radio Africa.KhawaTungu also lost its AdSense.

The greatest casualty was Ghafla which lost its account over adult content. The same case happened with Daily Post Kenya.By the time the two were losing their accounts, they monthly income exceeded Ksh400,000 each.I think you can figure out the reactions from the owners of the blogs.

We expect the following blogs’ AdSense accounts to be disabled soon:


Kenya Today

Blogs with duplicate content and betting tips might also lose their AdSense accounts. Entertainment and career blogs will be affected most.