List of Most Useless Kenyan Blogs


While it’s a good thing to create a blog and inform your readers, it’s important to show some creativity. There are a number of useless Kenyan blogs with zero creativity, which should be closed even now. However, a couple of blogs are worth your eyes, they include S.D.E, Ghafla, Business Today, Kenyaplex, Cnyakundi, KhawaTungu, Business Daily Africa, Standard Media, Citizen TV and Nairobi Wire. There are also a couple of creative blogs I like reading like Bikozulu.

Blogging should be about creativity but what we are witnessing in Kenya is opposite of that. For example, if you go through the content in Mpasho and then visit 7 top sites in Kenya, you’ll realize that Mpasho has nothing to brag about. Tuko on the other hand has nothing new, everything is copy pasted from other blogs as well. But if you manage to read Cnyakundi, there’s at least one thing that can capture your attention.

The silly thing most bloggers in Kenya do is to copy from each other, everyone is lazy to the extent of not thinking independently. If they realize that there’s a blog with exciting and unique content, they’ll camp there to copy the content and make it look as if they are the source.

Another blogger who rarely disappoint is Robert Alai.I think this guy has powerful sources in every industry. At least ones in a week, he will break a story which is picked by other micro bloggers.

With those few remarks, here are the most useless blogs in Kenya:


Pulselive Kenya

Tuko News


Victor Mochere




One reason some of the sites like Pulselive Kenya are not popular is because they don’t post original content. A website like Updates is full of fake news and soon it will disappear.