List of Stories Kenyan Bloggers Should Not Post Online, They Will Lead to Arrest and Prosecution


The feeling a blogger gets when his story trends is heavenly. However, there are stories you can post that will lead to arrest and prosecution. Some bloggers are in jail because they didn’t understand the law well. If you’re upcoming blogger, here are stories you should avoid if you want peace.

  1. Defamation

Defamation cases are common among bloggers. This is where a blogger writes misleading information about a company which is aimed at injuring its reputation. Defamation can also be directed to a prominent personality who has a name and status to protect.

Before you post an article which is attacking someone, make sure that you have facts, otherwise you’ll be arrested and get prosecuted.

Robert Alai and Cyprian Nyakundi are famous for these cases.

With a defamation case and it’s proven that you don’t have facts, you can be fined even Ksh10 million. If you don’t have that cash, you’ll rot in jail.

  • Alarming statement

Alarming statement is also a common case among bloggers. This something you can write to cause panic or incite the public against an institution or the government. For instance, you can write that a certain immunization drug by the government is poisoned and you advise the public against accepting the drug. You can also write that Central Bank will close all the banks, forcing citizens to withdraw their cash from banks.

  • Posting photos of dead police or soldiers

The worst crime you can do is to post photos of dead soldiers or police officer online. This one can lead to life imprisonment. It’s argued that by doing so you are helping enemies like Alshabaab to advance their agenda. This section is documented under Terrorism act that was signed by President Kenyatta.

I will also advise you not to post a video of Alshabaab and Kenyan soldiers fighting.

In 2018 Robert Alai was charged in court for posting photos of soldiers who were killed by Alshabaab.If found guilty, the blogger will face up to life imprisonment.

  • Exposing children online

Never make a mistake of exposing children online especially something to do with adult content. The law that protects children is so strong that it will give you a direct ticket to jail.

  • Constantly attacking the head of state

You can attack the head of state ones, twice but if you make it a routine, you’ll one day be a guest of the state. The state will look for something to charge you with and you will be jailed for that.

  • Selling prohibited drugs online

If you post articles about cocaine, bhang and heroine which clearly gives leads to where to buy the products, the government will come for you. Even if someone pays you millions to post the articles, please reject the money and guard your dignity.