Amount of Money Kenyan Bloggers Spend on Internet Per Month


The amount of money Kenyan bloggers spend on internet per month range between Ksh 2,000 and Ksh 10,000 depending on how busy their blogs are.

Bloggers heavily rely on internet for their work. They need to download documents, read several articles, post articles and do thorough research online. Everything a blogger does online depends on internet.

Most bloggers use Zuku or Safaricom internet. Zuku is cheap but slow while Safaricom is expensive but fast.I personally prefer Safaricom internet because it’s fast and reliable.

It’s important that you connect Safaricom home fiber because it’s cheaper than buying bundles everyday.

Here is the costs for Home Fiber

Bronze—Ksh 2,900 per month

Silver—Ksh 3,999 per month

Gold—Ksh 5,699 per month

Diamond—Ksh 11,499 per month

For a blogger who is just starting, Bronze plan is the best, it costs Ksh2,900 per month.

Alternatively, you can buy weekly Giga Bundles that cost Ksh 1,000 per week. Safaricom will give you 10GB every week but you’ll spend Ksh4,000 every month.

If Safaricom becomes more expensive, then try Zuku where you will pay Ksh1,000 every month. But Zuku is a bit slow and not so much reliable.

Internet and web hosting are two things that cost bloggers almost 99% of their budget. If the two things are sorted, you won’t worry over anything.