Why Ghafla Does Not Monetize With Adsense


Ghafla is one of the blogs in Kenya which do not monetize with AdSense, the reason being, their AdSense account was disabled in 2019.Ghafla had been using AdSense since 2011 when the owner, Majani ,created the blog.

Before the account was disabled and Ghafla permanently banned from using AdSense, the blog was generating over Ksh 600,000 per month from AdSense alone. In addition to AdSense income, Ghafla monetized from MGID and advertisements from Scanad Kenya.In total,Ghafla pulled in Ksh1 million to Ksh1.5 million every month.

In 2017, Ringier almost purchased Ghafla for more than Ksh30 million.But the transaction didn’t go through after Majani realized that Ringier was about to play dirty games.Ringier had even gotten access to Ghafla’s login passwords, it was almost taking control of the website.

After months of push and pull,Majani gained full control of the site, he then decided to expand to Uganda,Tanzania,South Africa and Nigeria. But his mission was cut short after Google disabled the blog’s AdSense account. Ringier went ahead to launch Pulselive Kenya,ablog that mimics Ghafla.

The major reason Ghafla’s Adsense was banned is because of adult content. There were so many articles that Ghafla posted which were marked as adult.At the moment,if you check Ghafla’s website, you’ll realize that it’s not monetizing with AdSense.