Where to Buy Cheap Domain Names in Kenya


There are several companies which sell domain names in Kenya, eg Bluehost, Safaricom, Kenya Website Experts, Sasa Host, Truehost, HostPinnacle etc.Two domain names extensions are popular in Kenya, they are:.co.ke and .com

A domain name costs between Ksh 300 and Ksh 3,000 per year depending on the extension you wish to purchase and the tax involved.

Where to buy cheap.com domain name in Kenya

Most people purchase .com domain name from Bluehost.They also buy hosting from the company. Bluehost has sold over 3 million domains to their clients. It costs Ksh 1,100 to buy a domain name from Bluehost.Clients buy the domain name for one year, two years or for a longer period.

To purchase a domain name from Bluehost, click here to create an account

After you have created your account, click on domains, then search for your preferred domain name and proceed to pay.

Payment is done via your credit card. If your card is Visa or MasterCard enabled, it will be accepted.

Where to buy .co.ke domain names

In Kenya,.co.ke and .com are the two most popular domain names. The .co.ke domain names are cheaper than .com domains,almost every hosting company in Kenya sells these domains.I will list the companies selling these domains and their cost per year.

  1. Webhost Kenya—Ksh 450 per year
  2. Kenya website Experts—Ksh399 per year
  3. Safaricom—Ksh 1,300 per year
  4. Movehost—Ksh700 per year
  5. HostPinnacle—Ksh 650 per year
  6. Movetech—Ksh 500 per year
  7. Webhosting Kenya—Ksh 800 per year
  8. DeepAfrica—Free Domain
  9. Bitsimba—Free with some hosting conditions
  10. Truehost—Ksh499 per year

You can see the cheapest companies for .co.ke domains in Kenya are Kenya Website Experts, Webhost Kenya and Truehost.Kenya Website Experts is in fact ranked among top three best hosting companies in Kenya.

Those giving free domains come with conditions. They give you a domain for free but you must host with them for at least one year. You must also buy hosting space and ensure you don’t migrate to another hosting company for the first year.