How to Become a Top Blogger in Kenya


It doesn’t matter your academic background or where you start from as a blogger, all that matters is how much you make at the end of the day and what brand you build. To become a top blogger in Kenya is not easy considering that there are more than 1,000 active bloggers who are doing everything to outshine each other.

Becoming a top blogger implies that your name itself is a brand, you make enough to sustain you and that your blog is big enough to compete with blogs like Tuko, Nation and Standard. To reach that level, here is what to do:

  1. Post unique/controversial content

Bloggers like Alai and Nyakundi have made their names because of what they post on their blog. They post controversial articles, sometimes attacking even the president. These two guys have courage to post what other blogs what do and it’s because of that that they are top bloggers.

Unique content means that you are the source of information. If someone wants new and fresh content, they will troop to your blog and get it right there. By having a unique content, you cut a niche for yourself where other bloggers will look up to you for directions.

  • Try new things

Blogging is very dynamic, what is trending today may not necessarily be the trending topic tomorrow. As a blogger, you should be flexible and move with changes. When you try new things, you become more knowledgeable and influential.

For instance, if everyone is writing about Corona Virus, ignore the story and post something about how to make a million within a day in Kenya. I assure you there are people who will be searching for that story and it will earn you good money.

  • Don’t monetize with AdSense alone

Only average and upcoming bloggers rely 100% on income from AdSense. Top bloggers sell products, do affiliate marketing, monetize with AdSense alternatives, attract sponsored content, direct adverts etc. With several income streams, you will comfortably blog and find the activity fulfilling.

It’s dangerous to rely on AdSense only because if your account is disabled, you will be left with no choice but to stop blogging.

  • Motivate and give direction to other bloggers

Other bloggers will market you if you motivate and gives them direction. Don’t be selfish in giving direction.

I have learnt one thing since I became a blogger, that when you are into blogging, having a good relationship with other bloggers is very helpful. Some of them even intentionally click on my affiliate links to promote me.I have grown because of that.

Most bloggers assume that it’s only strangers who read their blogs, which is not true. Even other bloggers read and if they find that they are motivated enough, they will promote you in one way or another.

  • Be consistency in what you do

I have seen thousands of bloggers come and go, only a few are consistency. If you aren’t consistency, you’ll be forgotten.

If you stop posting on your blog or reduce the frequency of posting, you will cease to be popular. You must keep your followers and fans updated.

  • Be more knowledgeable than your readers

If you aren’t intelligent and well informed, there is no way you will amass followers. People who are admired know more than their followers. The only way you can be respected and followed religiously is by doing thorough research and providing information that is not available elsewhere.

Most bloggers fail to make an impact because what they know is what other Kenyans know.