Trending News and Keywords for Kenyan Bloggers this Week


Trending News and keywords for Kenyan bloggers this week have been revealed. Every week, Webhosting Voice will be offering tips on how to post trending keywords that will boost your online ranking and make you the best blogger in the country.

Here are trending keywords and news in Kenya this week:

  1. Corona Virus

Corona Virus has killed thousands of people in China and several parts of Europe. A plane from China landed in Kenya on Thursday 27/2/2020 and Kenyans were not amused. Everyone went online to know everything to do with Corona Viirus.If you are a blogger that needs to attract thousands of readers, write everything about Corona virus. Some of the points to write about include;

—Origin of Corona Virus

—Is Corona Virus in Kenya?

—How to protect yourself from Corona Virus

—Symptoms of Corona Virus

For one month, your articles will get more than 1 million visitors if they are well written

  • Profitable business to start with small capital in Kenya

The second keyword to focus on is about business. Thousands upon thousands of Kenyans are searching for appropriate businesses to start with small capital in Kenya. This keyword gets over 50,0000 searches per week in Kenya.

  • Paid Internships in Kenya

Another keyword you should write about is ‘paid internships in Kenya’. This one will give massive amount of traffic for the entire year. Make sure you give leads. Do through research and list names of companies offering internships in Kenya.

  • Ruto and BBI

You should also write exhaustively about BBI and Ruto.The keywords are still trending in Kenya until BBI is voted for by Kenyans.


The three words are also trending in Kenya this week. If you can make predictions for UEFA, EUROPA and EPL your site will attract significant amount of traffic.