Best Stories Kenyan Bloggers Should Post in March 2020 to Earn over Ksh200,000 from AdSense


The months of January and February weren’t good for bloggers especially those monetizing with AdSense. Most companies were not advertising because the purchasing power of Kenyans was low. The month of March 2020 might be different because there is money in the pockets of many Kenyans.

Income from AdSense is determined by the purchasing power of Kenyans, CPC and traffic every blogger receives. Experienced bloggers always target keywords with high CPC and they know which companies are likely to pay more for advertisement.

Stories concerning news and politics have the lowest CPC, you should avoid them. For you to earn over Ksh 200,000 per month from AdSense, here are the best stories to post on your blog this month:

Safaricom: Safaricom is the most profitable company in East and Central Africa. In a month, Kenyans search over 1,000 keywords associated with Safaricom.A clever blogger would search for the best keywords related to Safaricom and create nice articles surrounding those keywords.

Here are some of the best keywords associated with Safaricom:

  • Safaricom CEO
  • Safaricom MPESA charges
  • Safaricom Data Bundle charges
  • Safaricom profits 2019
  • Safaricom vs Airtel
  • Safaricom paybill charges
  • Safaricom Management Teams
  • Safaricom share prices
  • How to buy Safaricom shares
  • Bob Collymore
  • Safaricom salaries
  • Safaricom customer care numbers

Banking: Banking sector is also not affected by the bad economy we are experiencing in the economy. Bloggers should spend more time on creating articles related to the banking sector. The Cost Per Click is high for these keywords.

Here are some of the best keywords from the banking sector:

  • MPESA paybill numbers for banks
  • Cheapest bank accounts to operate in Kenya
  • How to get salary advance in Kenya (feature specific banks)
  • Banks with lowest interest rates on loans
  • How to transfer money from Paypal to Equity Bank
  • Banks vs Saccos

Mobile phones and laptops: Students are reporting to school; people are buying phones. If you write exhaustively about mobile phones and laptops, you will attract thousands of readers.

Some of the best stories to write about laptops and smartphones:

  • Best smartphones to buy in Kenya with less than Ksh10,000
  • Best smartphones in Kenya for less than Ksh 5,000
  • Waterproof smartphones in Kenya
  • Best smartphones in Kenya 2020
  • Most expensive smartphones in Kenya
  • Samsung smartphone prices in Kenya
  • Jumia smartphone prices
  • Smartphone repair shops in Nairobi

Vehicles: You should also write as many articles as possible which are related to vehicles. You will attract over 10,000 page views every month.

Here are the best articles to write about vehicles:

  • Fuel efficient cars in Kenya
  • Worst cars to own in Kenya
  • Best new cars in Kenya
  • Best companies to import cars with in Kenya
  • Most durable cars in Kenya
  • Best cars for Kenyan roads
  • Best cars in Kenya for less than Ksh500,000
  • Best cars in Kenya for less than Ksh1 million

Real estate: You can ignore all other stories but not those associated with real estate. This is the time people are buying land, others are constructing houses. Stories to do with real estate will attract the highest CPC from AdSense.

Some of the stories to post include;

  • Best real estate companies in Kenya
  • Where to buy cheap land in Nairobi
  • Best house plans in Kenya
  • Best mortgage companies in Kenya

There are many other keywords you can write about. You can use SEMRush SEO tool to check for available keywords in Kenya.Sign up for free here.