Most Visited Blogs in Kenya 2020


Some blogs in Kenya draw up to 35 million page views per month especially the news sites. The most visited blogs in Kenya have original, unique and interesting content for readers. In 2020, we present the most visited blogs in the country and the number of page views each blog attracts per month

  1. Nation—35 million page views
  2. Standardmedia—33 million page views
  3. Tuko—20 million page views
  4. Kenyans—15 million page views
  5. Citizen TV—13 million page views
  6. Mpasho—11 million page views
  7. Ghafla—8 million page views
  8. S.D.E—7 million page views
  9. Pulselive—6.5 million page views
  10. K24 TV—6 million page views
  11. The Star—5 million page views
  12. Kenyamoja—3 million page views
  13. Kenyaplex—2.5 million page views
  14. Fuzu—2 million page views
  15. Business Daily Africa—1.8 million page views
  16. Myjobmag—1.5 million page views
  17. Capital FM—1.5 million page views
  18. Victor Matara—1.2 million page views
  19. Kahawatungu—1.2 million page views
  20. Venas News—1 Million page views
  21. Careerpoint Kenya—800,000 page views
  22. Kenyayote—750,000 page views

We have omitted sites which are owned by institutions like KRA, Safaricom and University of Nairobi. The list above is for blogs which are owned and run by Kenyans and media houses. From the list, the most visited blog is Nation which receives 35 million page views per month. Nation has over 200,000 stories archived and it generates more than 100 stories on daily basis. The second most visited blog in Kenya is Standardmedia which is owned by Standard Media Group.

Tuko News, which is owned by Genesis Group, is ranked at position 3. The blog attracts over 16 million page views every month with 7 million monthly unique visitors. Facebook traffic plays a significant role in its success. Tuko gets more than 40% of its traffic from Google.

Kahawatungu, The Star,Capital FM and Venas News are among blogs that have lost the most number of page views. The best gainers are Mpasho, Victor Matara and K24 TV.

Hivisasa could be in the list but the site was closed after it’s AdSense was banned. Another site that has lost a lot is Daily Post Kenya due to the banning of its AdSense account. Kahawatungu and Ghafla also suffered the same fate.

Cyprian Nyakundi is another site which has suffered over the past 2 years. The blogger’s Twitter and Facebook accounts were deleted. His Twitter account had over 1 million followers while the Facebook page had 350,000 followers, they were all has received numerous AdSense warning and if the blogger is not careful enough, the account might be disabled.

What is common among majority of Kenyan bloggers is that they easily give up. It’s difficult to find a consistent blogger who can fairly compete with the likes of Nation and Standard. The lifespan of a Kenyan blogger is 2 years.

The reason why some blogs have consistently been popular is because they produce quality content which make readers visit them on regular basis. They are also consistent.