Online Business Among Sectors Benefiting from Corona Virus


Online business has emerged as one of the sectors benefitting from the corona virus epidemic. Research shows that countries on economic and social lockdown are the ones in demand for online services. Bloggers, online doctors and ecommerce are some of the individuals/companies which have gained massively due to corona virus. Manufacturing, entertainment, sports and Tourism & Travel are among the worst hit sectors.

African countries are also affected, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan and Zimbabwe being the latest causalities. Due to panic, citizens of the affected countries have rushed to supermarkets and malls for impulse buying, resulting to scarcity of some items. Some of the required items include, Sanitizers, tissue papers, gloves and foodstuffs.

Traffic spike from across the globe has been witnessed and it involves people searching various keywords concerning corona virus. Health and news blogs have benefitted most as keywords with over $100 CPC target those niches. Any niche which has posted anything about corona virus has gained immensely. People have also resolved to order items online as opposed to moving around for shopping, this has translated to good business for e-commerce sites.

If corona virus will continue for more than a month, online business will boom, bloggers will make huge profits but there are sectors which will completely remain irrelevant, like entertainment, travel, hotel and tourism…or even education.

We hope that corona virus will be eliminated from the face of earth.