Movehost Kenya Hosting Pricing


At Movehost Kenya, you can register domain name or host your site cheaply. Pricing of the plans are based on the amount of resources allocated to specific plans. The cost of buying domain name is Ksh 700 per year while .com domains cost 1,000 per year.

Below is the pricing for domains at Movehost Kenya: –Ksh 700 per year—Ksh 700 per year

.com—Ksh1,000 per year—Ksh700 per year

.org—Ksh 1,500

The cheapest domain extension is which costs Ksh700 per year while .org is the most expensive with a price of Ksh1,500 per year.

Movehost web hosting pricing

After you have purchased a domain, the next step is to pay for web hosting. There is no way a website can run without being hosted.

The pricing is as outlined below:

Shared Hosting Plans

There are 4 main plans under shared hosting package: Starter, Basic, Silver and Gold. Starter plan is the cheapest with a cost of Ksh500 per year. Here is the summary of the pricing of all the plans under Shared Hosting environment:

  • Starter—Ksh 500 per year(5GB Web space,10GB Bandwidth and free CPanel)
  • Basic—Ksh 1,000 per year(10GB Web space,50GB Bandwidth)
  • Silver—Ksh 2,000 per year(20GB Web space,100GB Bandwidth)
  • Gold—Ksh 3000 per year(30GB Web space,200GB Bandwidth)

VPS Hosting

VPS has fewer websites hosted under one server than shared hosting plans. Most websites which outgrow shared hosting are advised to upgrade to VPS.

Here is the pricing for VPS hosting plans:

  • VPS1—Ksh 700 per month (20GB Disk Space,2.4 GHZ,2GB Ram)
  • VPS2—Ksh 1,200 per month(40GB Disk Space,2.4GHZ,4GB RAM)
  • VPS3—Ksh 2,000 per month(80GB Disk Space,2.4 GHZ,8GB RAM)

Cloud Hosting Plans

  • Cloud1—$19.99 per month (1GB Web Space,10GB Bandwidth)
  • Cloud2—$29.99 per month (5GB Web Space,50GB Bandwidth)
  • Cloud3–$39.99 per month (10GB Web Space,100GB Bandwidth)
  • Cloud4–$49.99 per month (20GB Web Space,200GB Bandwidth)

Reseller Hosting Pricing

Reseller Hosting is for those who buy hosting space and sell to other clients. This is the most ideal way to start a web hosting business in Kenya.

Here is the pricing:

Reseller1—Ksh3,000 per month (50GB Web Space,10GB Bandwidth)

Reseller2—Ksh 4,500 per month (100GB Web Space,50GB Bandwidth)

Reseller3—Ksh 6,000 per month(200GB Web Space,100GB Bandwidth)

Dedicated Server hosting pricing

Dedicated sever hosting is for viral websites. This type of hosting is ideal for websites with over 300,000 monthly visits.

If VPS and Shared Hosting plans aren’t able to host your website, you will be advised to upgrade to dedicated server. In this environment, your website will not share resources with other websites, which is why it’s more expensive than shared and VPS hosting plans.

Dedicated server pricing:

  • Dedicated 1—Ksh 9,999 per month
  • Dedicated2—Ksh11,999 per month
  • Dedicated3—Ksh11,999 per month
  • Dedicated4—Ksh11,999 per month
  • Dedicated5—Ksh12,999 per month
  • Dedicated6—Ksh13,999 per month
  • Dedicated7—Ksh14,999 per month

For a new website, just for starter plan which costs Ksh500 per year, when it becomes popular, then upgrade to a more superior plan.