Safaricom Cloud Storage Plans and Pricing


Safaricom cloud storage services are the best when it comes to storage of data. The distribution of plans is based on the amount of data to be stored and each plan carries its own price. One advantage of storing data with Safaricom is that you can’t lose it no matter what. The company has powerful severed which permanently store your data. Another advantage is, you can retrieve the data any time in future in case you lose yours.

The cheapest price is Ksh 1,392 per month and it’s for 100GB data. For 22GB data storage, you’ll pay Ksh 2,552 per month. Based on the prices listed below,the higher the amount of data storage space the cheaper the price.

Below is how Safaricom charges for cloud storage services:

Cloud Storage Service Plans & Pricing

Storage 100GB KSHs.1,392
Storage 200GB KSHs.2,552
Storage 400GB KSHs.4,872
Storage 500GB KSHs.6,032
Storage 800GB KSHs.9,512
Storage 1 TB KSHs.12,110
Storage 2 TB KSHs.23,989
Storage 5 TB KSHs.59,624
Storage 10 TB KSHs.119,016
Storage 20 TB KSHs.237,800

If you have excel sheets, several files you want to store for future reference or other important documents, you can store then at Safaricom.