List of niches and blogs benefiting Due to Corona Virus


With the outbreak of Corona Virus and panic in most countries, there are niches which are heavily benefitting due to this epidemic. There are also niches which have seen their traffic numbers drop by over 1000%.

Currently, most sectors of the economy are not performing well with tourism &travel, aviation, hotel, sports and finance being the greatest casualties. There is restricted movement of people in almost every country in the world, only a few countries, less than a quarter have not reported positive cases of corona virus.

For bloggers, this is the best time to make money from the following niches:

  1. Blogging and making money online

There are millions of people seeking to know how to make money online given that they are told to work from home. Making money online is a niche which has benefitted from the panic caused by corona virus.

  • News

The second niche that’s getting traffic spikes is news. Bloggers in this niche have dedicated a section where they inform their audience about latest developments about the disease. People are eager to know anything and everything about the disease.

  • Health

The most trending keywords concern corona virus. Longtail keywords such as ‘Corona Virus symptoms’, ‘list of countries affected by corona’, number of people who have died from corona’, ‘can one fully recover from corona?’, ‘how to protect yourself from corona virus’, do insurance companies cover corona virus?”.

The disease has caused havoc such that everyone wants to know everything about corona.

If your niche is health, make sure you post more stories about corona, you will get millions of page views on daily basis.

  • E-commerce

As movements are restricted, people have resorted to buying things online. E-commerce companies are delivering the products to people’s homes. This is one sector that has benefitted a lot due to Corona Virus.