Best Reseller Web Hosting Companies in Kenya


Reseller web hosting is good especially for individuals who want to start web hosting services in Kenya. Most people prefer reseller hosting arrangement because it’s cheap and convenient.

It’s extremely expensive to own your own servers, which is why Amazon and Google are the main providers of hosting services to even other giant hosting companies like Kinsta and GoDaddy.

There are two ways on how to start a web hosting company in Kenya, one is by buying hosting space in another hosting company through reseller plan and another one is by following all the procedures of registering a company. Reseller plans are the best for those with few clients and low budget.

Here are the best reseller web hosting companies in Kenya:

  • Mambo microsystems Limited

Website link:

Plan pricing

Economy—Ksh3,000 per year

Standard—Ksh 3,600 per year

Business—Ksh9,000 per year

  • Kenya Website Experts

Website link:

Plan pricing

Starter—Ksh 2,900 per month

Standard—Ksh4,400 per month

Bronze—Ksh6,000 per month

  • HostPinnacle

Website link:

Plan pricing

Starter reseller—Ksh2,000 per month

Standard reseller—Ksh3,000 per month

VIP reseller—Ksh 4,000 per month

  • Garanntor

Website link:

Reseller pricing

RH—Nano—Ksh 400 per month

RH-Micro—Ksh700 per month

RH—Small—Ksh1,400 per month

RH—Medium—Ksh2,400 per month

RH-Large—Ksh4,200 per month

  • Domain Africa

Website link:


Business Hosting—Ksh 2,500 per year

Premium Hosting—Ksh5,000 per year

Unlimited Hosting—Ksh 7,500 per year

Reseller Hosting—Ksh 2,700 per month*

  • Skyhost Kenya

Website link:

Reseller pricing

Startup—Ksh 3,000 per month

Entrepreneur—Ksh 5,000 per month

Corporate—Ksh 10,000 per month

  • Sasa Host

Website link:

Reseller plans pricing

Reseller Hosting – SH1—Ksh 4,000 per month

Reseller Hosting – SH2—Ksh7,000 per month

Reseller Hosting – SH3—Ksh8,150 per month

Reseller Hosting – SH4—Ksh12,500 per month

  • Swiftweb

Website link:

Pricing of reseller plans

Starter—Ksh1,200 per month

Standard—Ksh2,300 per month

Professional—Ksh4,900 per month

Premium—Ksh9,800 per month

  • Softnet Solutions Limited

Website link:

Reseller plans pricing

Economy—Ksh2,000 per month

Standard—Ksh4,000 per month

Professional—Ksh6,000 per month

Ultimate—Ksh10,000 per month

With reseller hosting, you can host as many websites as possible. What you need is to create a Cpanel for each client and allocate resources for each. If you have 50 clients and each one of them pays Ksh 2,000 per year, you’ll make Ksh 100,000 annually. Assuming that you pay Ksh 40,000 yearly for hosting, then you’ll be making Ksh 60,000 from the 50 clients.

Even if these plans are indicated reseller, you can use them to host your blog especially when it’s popular. Reseller plans have more resources than the ordinary plans.