Best Website to Start in March 2020


This is the best month to create a website for E-commerce business. Coronavirus has taken root in several countries across the world and people are ordering products online. Amazon hired 100,000 more workers in March 2020 after demand for their products soared.

If there’s a time you should start online shop business, it’s now. For the next one year, this is the kind of business that will throve.

The worst business to start as at now is tour guide company, or any travel business. Aviation industry is grounded; there’s nowhere you can travel to at the moment.

It will take up to 3 months for your business to pick and once it has started growing, you will earn handsome revenue.

The capital for starting E-commerce business can be as low as $300.Domain registration costs approximately $12 while hosting for one month at Bluehost is $3.95. To buy a domain name and hosting space, follow this link

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Don’t wait to start the business later this year, March 2020 is the right time to launch e-commerce business.