Best Betting Sites Affiliate Programs in UK


There are several betting sites in UK but only a couple of them provide the best commissions. If you want to promote betting sites in UK through affiliate programs, choose those ones that pay up to 50% commissions.

Below are the sites with the highest commissions in UK:

  • 22Bet

Commission percent: Up to 45%

Affiliate link,click here to join

You can negotiate the commission based on the number of players you give the company.If you attract over 1000 signups,it’s easier to get 40% commissions.The starting commission is usually 25% to 30%.

  • Betway

Commission percentage:

Revenue Share

·  All affiliates will receive the following rates of commission:

1-10 players25%
11-40 players30%
41-100 players35%
101+ players40%

To register for the program,click on this link

  • Betwinner

Commissions amount:Up to 45%

Betwinner affiliate link,click here to register

  • Bet365

Affiliate amount:Up to 30%

Affiliate link:

Those are the best affiliate programs in UK so far.Currently,I am enrolled in both and the experience is so amazing. I earn over $20,000 from all those programs.

22Bet is a new betting site but very well paying. This one alone will generate over $10,000 every month if you tirelessly market it.