Highest paying jobs in Dubai without degree


There are a number of high paying jobs in Dubai which do not require a university degree. Some of the jobs pay as high as AED 30,000 per month. Since there are people without degrees, these are the jobs they should take up in Dubai:

  1. Petrol Pimp attendant
  2. Taxi Driver
  3. Cashier
  4. Waiter
  5. Housekeeping attendant
  6. Gardener
  7. Messenger
  8. Security Guard
  9. Electrician
  10. Salesman
  11. Airport Loader
  12. Cleaner
  13. Mall attendant
  14. Customer Service
  15. Front Office receptionist
  16. Plumber

One of the best jobs to do is being a Taxi Driver, this one pays AED 1000 to AED 5000 per month. As long as you have documents to prove that you’re a driver, you’ll get a job as a Taxi Driver.

Another good job you can do without a degree is being a cashier like this job because one can easily grow and earn over AED 10,000 per month. You can get a job without a degree and enroll for one while you are working. A degree in Commerce, accounting and finance are some of the best for a cashier.

Housekeeping attendant are jobs perfect for women and they don’t require any degree course. As long as you can be loyal to your employer and your work is perfect, you’ll do the job perfectly. Housekeeping job pays AED800 to AED 3000 per month.

Security Guard—nearly 90% of security guards in Dubai don’t possess a degree course. But Majority of Managers have pursued a degree. The job attracts local and international workers especially from Africa and Asian countries. The salaries range between AED 1000 and AED 5000 per month.

Majority of Customer Service jobs in UAE don’t require degree qualification. But a certificate or diploma is essential in doing the work effectively.

For those who don’t have a degree, look for jobs in the areas mentioned above, you’ll earn a decent salary.