I&M Bank Graduate Management Trainee Programme 2023


The Management Trainee ( MT) programme plays a critical role in ensuring there is a pipeline of young professionals with the skills required to plug in to the I&M Group’s strategic agenda within the Eastern Africa region. The programme is targeting young and energetic professionals willing to work in a fast paced, dynamic and agile environment.

Competency Requirements

1.Strong communication skills.

2.Assertive – able to stand by principles despite opposition.

3.Must have strong analytical skills.

4.Able to retain optimism despite setbacks and not take criticism personally.

5.Methodical, accurate, pays attention to detail.

6.Ability to remain calm and focused under pressure.

Eligibility Requirements

1.Graduates with a Master’s degree or exceptional Undergraduate degree holders.

2.Technical Certification Courses (in lieu of a university degree) in specialist areas.

3.Fresh university graduates not exceeding 28 years of age.


World Class Exposure to Banking and Financial Services

The I&M Group is a diversified banking and financial services corporate entity located in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Mauritius. The Group is almost 50 years old and has continued to expand at a rapid rate offering current and potential staff members a great deal of exposure to best in class practices, high quality products, exciting clientele and top level technological advancements within the banking realm. The Group is positioning itself to further expand its regional footprint within Eastern Africa and continues to demonstrate this unique value proposition to its clients, shareholders, staff and key stakeholders. MTs will be joining an organization that will no doubt place them on the path to success if they can tap in to all the opportunities and exposure on offer.

Focused Mentorship

MTs are paired with a dedicated mentor who helps them steer their career by offering advice, counsel and insights that no doubt add tremendous value to their early careers within the I&M Group. The MTs undergo a series of comprehensive psychometric assessments which enables the Learning and Development Team within the wider Human Resources Department to select the appropriate mentor who can help them maximize their full potential. This mentorship journey does not just run for the duration of the programme but its main intent is to help MTs forge life-long professional bonds with their mentors as they grow within the I&M Group.

Attractive Remuneration

MTs earn competitive remuneration comprised of a series of benefits such as medical cover, pension, access to highly competitive credit facilities among other incentives. Once the MTs complete the programme, their remuneration is immediately adjusted upwards in line with their new roles in management.

Fast Tracked Career Progression

MTs are given holistic exposure to the world of banking by spending dedicated and highly structured time in various units across the Bank for the duration of the 15 month programme. This automatically makes them more well-rounded and knowledgeable as bankers. The MTs are additionally given consistent feedback throughout the programme which places them in good stead from a career growth perspective. Upon completion of the programme, they take up management roles matched to their exact skills and competencies which places them on a fast tracked career development trajectory.

Job Rotation

All MTs go through a highly engaging and interactive programme that places them in diverse and interesting departments/ branches which gives them unique insights in to the workings of all these different units. They become well versed in areas such as Relationship Management, Customer Service, ICT & Digital Transformation, Financial Services among many other segments of the business. This kind of exposure fosters an understanding of how all the different units intertwine in the pursuit of the Bank’s strategy.

Group Secondment

Towards the end of the MT Programme, the MTs are seconded to an offshore entity in one of 4 countries outside of Kenya where the I&M Group has an established footprint. This opportunity offers MTs unique perspectives, cultural exposure and knowledge of other markets from a banking and financial services standpoint.

Programme Outline

  • MTs are taken through Basic Banking and Core Banking System training in the initial stages of their programme.
  • 12 Month Business unit placement/ rotation in order to provide the MTs with a sound grounding in banking and a broad understanding of key business processes.
  • The programme design is aimed to create stretch assignments in departments during the training phase to challenge the MTs to make tangible contributions and develop key competencies in each area.
  • An intensive 3 month long understudy programme for all MT’s under a dedicated Relationship Manager to give first hand customer management experience.
  • MTs will spend time in highly specialized departments such as Digital Business, Projects, Digital Marketing, iCube etc. to deepen their skills and competencies within the agile and digital work environment
  • MTs will receive structured and targeted leadership development offered online or through workshops and coaching programmes.
  • There is a thoroughly engaging and fulfilling 6 week secondment with any of our Group entities in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Mauritius that is specially designed to deepen MTs knowledge of other markets in line with I&M Group’s strategic aspiration.
  • Only the successful MTs will be appointed in substantive positions at the end of the programme and should they demonstrate exceptional performance, they will be placed in the Bank’s Talent Pool which offers them further momentum to grow their careers.

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