University of Johannesburg Bachelor of Commerce Entry Requirements


University of Johannesburg is one of the leading universities in South Africa that offer Bachelor of Commerce degree.Below are the entry requirements for the programme:

Admission Requirements

A minimum APS of 28, English 4 (50)%, Mathematics 4 (50%), Mathematical Literacy and Technical Mathematics are not accepted.


First Year: Accounting 1A+1B Business Management 1A+1B Economics 1A +1B Introductory Mathematical Analysis A Financial Management 1B Second Year: Accounting 2A+2B Business Information Systems 2A+2B Governance and Control 2A Ethical Foundation to Commerce 2B Management Accounting Strategy 2A+2B Financial Management 2A Cost and Management Accounting 2B Taxation 2A Third Year: Accounting 3A+3B Governance and Control 3A+3B Cost and Management Accounting 3A Taxation 3A+3B Financial Management 3B 4IR in Accounting