How to increase your blog traffic without spending money


Many people spend a lot of money to increase traffic for their blog, sometimes the effort doesn’t pay. The good thing is that you can spend nothing but still grow your traffic to make your site an authority one. I always believe that you don’t have to spend any amount of money if you want to grow your blog. I have created more than 5 blogs and all of them grow naturally.

To increase the traffic of your blog for free, use the following ideas:

  • Write good content

Write good content that will keep your readers visiting the site regularly. This way you’ll maintain the current readers and get new visitors over time.

  • Post on your website regularly

Without posting regularly, you won’t maintain the number of readers you currently get to your blog. The more frequent you post, the more visitors your blog gets and the more traffic grows. But even as you post, make sure the content is good and appealing to your readers.

  • Share content on social media

Create Facebook groups and Twitter accounts which you will use to share your content. Share every article you post in your blog. The more you share, the more traffic your blog gets.

  • Put share buttons on your blog

Put share buttons on your blog such that whenever your readers go through your content, they are able to share it in their social media pages. Your audience will share the content on Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Google etc

  • Create authority site

To have an authority site, it means its content will be shared by as many other sites as possible, it will also get backlinks for free.

One secret of developing a site to become an authority one is to post at least 10,000 high quality posts. Once the articles exceed 10, 000,Google News and Opera Mini will link you. Your site will start getting free traffic from the search engines.

  • Get your site in Opera Mini and Google News

Apply to be listed on Opera Mini for free. If your site is good enough, Opera will aggregate your stories among others in their platform.

  • Focus on keywords for organic traffic

Keywords are important for organic traffic. Every article you write, make sure you use the right keywords for the title and content. Such keywords will help your site rank high in search engine results, hence enabling it to get more traffic.

  • Create a niche site

A niche site grows faster than a general site. When you focus on one area and post content regularly, the site will become an authority site within a short time.