Common Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid


Most bloggers especially newbies make costly mistakes that end their careers prematurely. As a blogger, there are mistakes you should avoid so as to become a guru in the blogosphere. I have been there and I know how it pains when you make avoidable blunders only for you to regret later.

  1. Not being yourself

By being yourself, I mean developing your unique brand. Most bloggers especially newbies find themselves copying content from other bloggers whom they admire. It’s not bad to copy but only wise if you develop your own unique content which everyone will identify you with.

The most critical mistake to make as a blogger is to allow other people’s writing styles influence your thoughts, you won’t grow as an independent thinker.

  • Going for cheap web hosting company instead of quality

Another mistake which is common among bloggers is the idea of choosing a cheap web hosting company at the expense of quality services. Recently, we wrote about factors to consider when buying a hosting plan and one factor that featured prominently is the quality of the service. You may think that you are saving money only to realize that you are hurting your blog.

Experienced bloggers are on expensive and quality web hosting companies, they avoid the cheap ones because they understand the quality of service they will get from them: so if you are aspiring to become a successful blogger, go for a quality web hosting company, don’t mind about the cost because there is a reason why the company is relatively expensive.

  • Sharing your passwords

Your passwords should be a secret, never share with anyone. If you share, ensure you change them as soon as possible.

Never trust anyone with your password, even your developer. Someone might hack into your website and delete everything.

  • Relying on AdSense

Average bloggers heavily rely on AdSense for income— AdSense will only make you average. If you check the list of richest bloggers in the world, you’ll discover that nearly all of them do not use AdSense. They understand that AdSense is not for macro bloggers but for newbies who are excited of small monies.

When you are joining this industry, it’s okay to monetize with AdSense but as you grow, diversify your income streams. There are many ways to monetize from your blog; AdSense, AdSense alternatives like MGID, sponsored content, stand-alone banners and paid Videos. You will learn over time that employing other means of earning a living other than AdSense is more profitable than the Google owned platform.

  • Not posting regularly

You know we live in the world of competition where the most aggressive benefit most. Google will index your posts faster and even rank them higher if you post regularly, but failure to post regularly, your posts will always rank below those from other aggressive sites.

Take your time, write good content and post even one article per day. That way you will make search engines busy, hence the growth of your blog

  • Giving up easily

I have seen a couple of bloggers who write two to three articles and when they don’t, make money as they thought, they give up. Blogging requires patience, persistence and consistence. I can confidently tell you that at first, blogging does not pay but as you grow, you start seeing money.

  • Not having a backup blog

Back up blogs are important, almost all bloggers have more than one blog. Not matter how you trust your hosting company, never assume that your single blog won’t be hacked or it can’t disappear at one time. One case happened here where a blogger had a popular blog, he made a mistake to attack the government. His article became viral, when he woke up the following morning, he found his site offline. His hosting company informed him that the government had ordered them to delete the domain. This blogger was forced to register a new domain—he has never recovered.

Always ensure you have more than one blog, one of them should be the main one which is updated regularly and the other one dormant—this way, you’ll not have any trouble when the major blog brings issues.


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