How much does YouTube pay per 1000 views in UAE


YouTube pays $5 to $15 per 1000 views in UAE.The amount of money paid depend on the geographical region of viewers, duration of the video, niche and quality of the videos. Those videos attracting views from USA and Europe generate the highest amount of money, usually above $10 per1000 views.

If you want to create high paying content, focus on the following niches:

  1. Reality Capture
  2. Finance
  3. E-commerce
  4. How To (XYZ)
  5. Real Estate
  6. Security and Insurance
  7. Cooking and Recipes
  8. Stock Market
  9. Starting YouTube
  10. How To Start a Blog
  11. Loans
  12. Mortgage
  13. Beauty & Makeup
  14. Law, Crime & Attorney
  15. Motivational and Inspirational
  16. Credit
  17. Cryptos
  18. NFT-To-Buy
  19. Adventure and Travelling
  20. Software
  21. Education and Short Courses
  22. Trading and Stock Market
  23. Science and Fiction
  24. Marketing
  25. Parenting
  26. Website Hosting
  27. Film Making and Behind The Scenes
  28. Health and Fitness
  29. Make Money Online
  30. Vlogs

Ensure that each of the video is 10 to 40 minutes long.The longer the video the higher your chances of making more money. A video longer than 15 minutes will have two adverts in between, meaning that the viewers have higher chances of viewing the two adverts.

 Getting1000 views won’t generate enough income for you, more views are required. If your channel gets 1 million views, you’ll earn above $3000.But to get such high amount of views, you require more than 100,000 subscribers and also post videos regularly.With100,000 views, one video will generate  20,000 views and above.

YouTubers in UAE earn through AdSense. To get eligible, your channel should be at least 12 months old, it should have 1000 subscribers and above and also get over 4000 watch hours. The videos should also be original and of high quality.